“Three Faces of Eve”

“My different Personalities leave me in peace now”

Anna Freud

Combining both my previous collections of exploring portraiture and the complexities of the mind the “three Faces of Eve” was born. This collection of artwork is my interpretation through art of the multiple personalities discussed in the 1957 articles written by Corbett Thigpen & Hervey M Cleckley regarding their psychiatric sessions with patient “Eve” in 1954.

Jane - 3 Faces of Eve collection

Jane - 3 Faces of Eve collection

Black - Three Faces of Eve Collection

Black - 3 Faces of Eve Collection

White - 3 Faces of Eve Collection

White - 3 Faces of Eve Collection

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Size: 16”x 12”

Medium: Acrylic

Wooden Panel

Date: 2022

Exhibited in M.A.D.S Gallery, Milan - 2022

“Victoria Knipe elaborates a real “story”, which guides each of us between darkness and a celestial harmony, to bring us back to a more earthly and familiar level in which we can reflect ourselves with a new knowledge”

Chiara Rizzatti
Art Curator, M.A.D.S Art Gallery

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