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I am fascinated with the power a pair of eyes can bestow upon the beholder

Eyes Spy

Get to know me

Hi and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy scrolling through and looking at my artwork as much as I enjoyed painting them.


Being creative, messy and working with my hands has always been a part of my life. From getting my first set of pastels as a child and designing and sewing all my dolls new clothes, to eventually becoming a head florist for over 20 years (with a brief hiatus in between spent raising my children) my hands have always been busy!

Painting has always been in the background, my oils and brushes were always at the ready in my house in the event of a very rare “quiet” moment, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that things shifted for me. With the fear, chaos and upheaval that Covid brought I decided to dedicate my time and effort towards fulfilling my lifelong passion and painting full time.


What started with my “Covid collection” - a selection of portraitures of family members through the pandemic I then developed and experimented with texture and colour to create the collections seen on this website.

Since taking the leap and sharing my artwork on Instagram in the spring of 2022 I have been very fortunate to exhibit in a selection of European gallery exhibitions and fairs.

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